Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Losing teeth!

Paige finally has a loose tooth! Two of them even! I'm saying finally because most of the kids in her class have lost one or several and hers have been rock solid, up until a few days ago.  

PS - how much is the tooth fairy paying out these days? :) 

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Monday, April 28, 2014

March 21st, 2013....

That's the last time I actually blogged. Crazy!! I guess life got busier and my priorities changed. I'm going to give this another go! I really miss it! 

First thing's first - what do you use for a reader now? I loved Google Reader but it appears that program no longer exists. What's your favorite? I need something! 

Things that have happened since March of last year....Hmm... 

1. My father in law had a heart attack in the end of March and we spent a week in Madison with no spare clothes. We slept in the waiting room. Everything turned out fine though! He's doing great now :) 

2. I made this epic video of Paige in April... 

3. I turned 29 in April of 2013. 

4. In May, we went to a Milwaukee Brewers game with our best friends, Patti and Randy! It was so much fun...can't want to do it again! 

6. In June, Paige turned 5!! We celebrated by going to the Dells for a trip to the water park. She loved it! For the first time, I didn't really get any pictures. I was too busy having fun!

7. July was filled with lots of boating and family time. Love summers on the river!

8. Almost 2 weeks of August were spent down in Illinois visiting my family! I LOVE every minute of those visits and wish we weren't so far away. I think we will be heading down there at around the same time again.
Mamaw, Papaw, and Paige....and Rowdy :) 

9. In September, Paige started Kindergarten!! 

10. Also in September, our beloved Butters died very suddenly and unexpectedly. He was not quite 2 years old. Fine one minute, and not the next. The only thing that makes me feel better about is that we were there for his last moments and I hope he felt how much we love him. 

11. Abe turned 32 in October! 

12. In November, Paige became an official Daisy Girl Scout! 

13. December brought Christmas and a new kitty! Her name is Ariel :) 

14. January marked 10 years since my sister had passed away. I also had strep two different times that month. 2014 started out a little rocky! 

15. February was bitter, bitter cold. We were sick constantly. I'd like to forget that month even happened.

16. On March 25th I started using Plexus - possibly the best decision I've ever made!

17. On April 18th, I turned 30!! THIRTY. Crazy!! It's just another year, but it feels so....different. As of April 25th, I'd been using Plexus for exactly one month.

I am proud to say that I am down 19 pounds since the 25th of March and at least 5.5 inches from April 6th. 2 pants sizes!  My doctor actually lowered my dosage of levothyroxin because this is working so well! I feel so great!!

If a plant based drink that was originally developed to control blood sugar is of any interest to you, I'd be happy to give you some information.

So, I think that catches me up for all the big moments over the past year. Can't wait to make this a regular thing again!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Should I start blogging again? :)