Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am never buying...

a traditional bathroom cleaning product ever again. Why? Well, thanks to Pinterest, I found an awesome little DIY recipe for soap scum fighter. 

I was skeptical. Really skeptical. However, I'm willing to try anything once, especially if it saves me a lot of money AND works!! 

This photo is not mine. 
Ingredients are: 1 cup Dawn and 1 cup of White Vinegar. Mix 'em up! The person on this blog warmed up the vinegar, but I can tell you that it works just as well at room temperature as I used it both ways! 
I probably should have posted before and after pictures, but I wasn't thinking it through, really. I just went for it. When you are in the mood to scrub your tub, you just have to run with it!

Thanks to this little concoction, we are pretty sure that our tub is cleaner than when we moved in. It's AMAZING.

So, go try this. You'll love me for sharing it with you :) 


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